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"Working closely with Catherine on many projects, you come to appreciate the skill and professionalism she brings. Her creative flair and attention to detail ensure an original design that works for every client. Her knowledge and understanding of lighting ensures that a harmonious crafting of light and space where the two combine to create perfect interiors. It is always a pleasure to work with a designer at the forefront of the industry who embraces new technology and concepts."

- Cornflake, London

"Catherine, you have been a joy to work with. Your patience for us is endless given the amount of changes and ideas we have bombarded you with.You are happy to be quirky and crazy in your design ideas and you are key in sourcing a lot of the 'out there' items for this place we now call home. We look forward to our next project together"

- K Sjadzali Assen, London

"I have work with Catherine for a number of years and it has always been clear to see that she has a natural aptitude and flare for design. She excels in every aspect of her job and our working relationship is such that I trust her to provide a class leading solution every time."

- J Spencer, Surrey

"Catherine has a particularly amenable personality and excels in every aspect of design, whatever your requirements, her team will be able to provide a remarkable solution. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and have a built a solid working relationship that will continue for years to come"

- R Patel, London

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